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.The application of thick film heating technology in electric water heater


I have always hoped to have an intelligent shower room with a variety of functions, which can automatically adjust the brightness of lights, play music, dry hair and so on. Henceforth, bathing only needs to be done according to one's own preferences, regardless of time and water waste.

Recently, a Swedish company has developed an intelligent shower system with thick film heating elements. The bathroom of this intelligent shower system also has built-in Electric Heater using thick film heating technology. Unlike ordinary heaters, this built-in thick film heater allows precise temperature regulation and saves more energy.

This smart shower system is first and foremost an independent and closed system, which needs to be filled with about 5 liters of water before use. Water flows from the nozzle to the body and then passes through two special filter capsules - microcapsules and nanocapsules. Recycled secondary shower water can filter skin debris, sand and hair particles through microcapsules. Nanocapsules can remove minor contamination in water, such as heavy metals or emulsified oils.

Researchers say the water flowing through these two capsule filters is even cleaner than the water from the faucet at home. So, as long as the closed shower system is in place, you just take a shower and leave the rest to the filter capsule. However, the water in this system will not always be reduced. With the evaporation of water into steam, the circulating water in the system is also decreasing.

It is more economical to use thick film heating technology. In the shower, the thick film heating technology belongs to instant electric heating, that is, on-off heating. Compared with conventional tank water heaters, there is no need to consider the remaining hot water after each shower, nor need to pay attention to the preheating time before use.

At present, comfort is an important consideration in choosing water heater. In this respect, the advantage of using instant heating is particularly obvious. It does not need preheating, keeps constant temperature and can provide hot water continuously. It is not limited by shower time, and it is also suitable for multi-member families. However, the output of conventional electric water heater is limited and it takes an hour to heat a pot of water. If water is scarce in the process of use, it will greatly reduce the experience effect.

In terms of health, the applicability of Instant Heater also has advantages. The health of shower depends on the quality of water. That is, the heater does not need preheating and heat preservation, that is, it is ready to use, and the use of flowing water is conducive to health. For conventional water heaters with water storage tanks, long-term application will have the phenomenon of repeated heating of water, and the inner surface of the swimsuit scale, bacteria, destroy water quality, long-term use is not conducive to health.

When enjoying the shower, people also pay attention to the bathroom space, and the installation of water heater has gradually received attention. The instant water heater does not need water storage device, and its small size, beautiful installation, not only does not damage the room decoration effect, but also can save more space for users.

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